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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BEC of Taman Indah Jaya organizes Block Rosary

Sandakan : The month of May is traditionally dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary in many cultures. May is considered the season of the beginning of new life. There are many ways to celebrate this particular devotion.  The important thing is that Mary be honored in a special way. 

The Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) of Taman Indah Jaya, one of the biggest housing estates in Sandakan and located some 6.5 kilometers from the town center held a month long block rosary. The number of families offering to host the block rosary far exceeded the number of days in the month of May so those who offered but yet to be visited will be visited in October. The younger members were keen to be involved and it is a good sign that the faith could be passed on unto them.
Family members taking their pledge
 Block Rosary seeks to bring into a neighborhood the basic building blocks of society; a love of our fellow men, based on the life of Christ, as found in the mysteries of the Rosary. It seeks to achieve a unity of mind and soul in the oneness of Christ. 
Sr Maria Dipal RGS in one of the Block Rosary
 Peace be with you!

 Salam damai!
 The month long block rosary devotion and experience had brought members of the BEC of Taman Indah Jaya ever closer to Jesus through Mary for praying together makes the neighbors stay together. It brings Christ in our midst, ( “Where two or three are gathered together, there am I in the midst of them,” Matt.19:20) It gathers and unites people. It enhances the relationship of members and brings other inactive members into the fold.
Younger members actively involved in the devotion


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