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Monday, June 7, 2010

News from Fondacio, Phillipines by Anna Theresa Peter Amandus

Anna Theresa Peter Amandus in the Kadazan costume at far right

Dear Uncle Francis,

Just to inform you that I'm adapting well here in IFFA. I just came back from a four- day retreat which was different from the one I used to attend. The retreat was totally a new thing to me. It made me realized my past and to identify God's calling.

In this retreat, I experienced
more silent moments which led me into building up my relationship with God. Not only that, I learn to let go the concerns and difficulties so that we can be more focus and committed in our formation for this year. At the end of the the retreat we make a commitment and make a covenant with God by kissing the Bible in our launching mass today,  witnessed by Fr  Mark and the congregation, not only by the students but also the staff of Fondacio Institute, Phillipines which includes Alice Tan and Charles (the director)..
Another new experience is that  I learn to draw up a personal development plan for my formation. year. What is good about this is that.each one of us has to make a commitment to follow through the plan that we had prepared based on our reflection and what we want to be at the end of the formation year.We have to come up with a theme and connect it to the Bible verse....this will be very challenging to really follow our plan is not that easy...but I'll try..

After the mass we did our  dance performance...from each country. We have 4 from China, 2 Laos who are our best cook ever, we have 4 from Myanmar, 2 Malaysian (me and Monica Liza from Kuching), 1 from Japan, 1 from good to know them.

Come Monday, we will have our exam and interview before enrolling for the theology class at St Vincent, School of Theology here in Tandang Sora.

I can't wait what IFFA have in store for us...I am really glad I took up this offer to IFFA. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Please send my sweet regards to Bishop Julius and the rest of the staff. Do include me in your prayers. I will keep you and Bishop updated from time to time..

Till then...

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