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Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Holy Communion at Holy Trinity Church, Tawau

Tawau : 73 children from the English, Bahasa and Chinese Sunday School classes received their first Holy Communion on Sunday, 6th June 2010 during Eucharistic celebration of the the Solemnity of The Body and Blood of Christ, celebrated at Holy Trinity Church.
In his homily, the celebrant Msgr. Nicholas Ong said,” Receiving the body and blood of Christ is a symbol of a new life, one that is renewed each time we participate in a Eucharistic celebration.”
Touching on the Gospel’s story of Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand with the five loaves and two fish, he also said,” Let us live according to what we need and not what we want. We always want many things that we do not actually need. This also will be a good way to protect our environment, preserving the planet earth God has given us.”

Before ending his homily, the Rector exhorted the children receiving their first Holy Communion to draw inspiration from the sacrament and be faithful to God’s calling, especially if it happens to be one for the priesthood.

After the mass, all the candidates for first Holy Communion were invited to a lunch fellowship at the parish hall.



  1. Tahniah kepada semua katekis HTC Tawau yang telah berjaya membimbing seramai 73 orang menerima komuni pertama. Anda kalian seumpama gembala yang baik yang sentiasa bertungkus lumus memastikan anak-anak yang diamanahkan menerima pengukuhan iman yang kuat. Semoga Tuhan memberkati usaha anda kalian.

  2. To all members of HTC Soccom, do keep up the good work in sharing the happenings in HTC. Its hard work but rest assured, your effort will not go in vain. God bless all of you in HTC Soccom.

  3. congrats to the children and the teachers as well...:D



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