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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Formation of St Mary's Cathedral SOCCOM Committee

Meeting in progress

Sandakan : The Social Communication Committee of St Mary's Cathedral was officially established today, 19th January 2010 and held its inaugural meeting at the Parish Meeting Room.

Soccom Committee members with Fr Thomas Makajil

In his opening address, Fr Thomas Makajil the rector of the Cathedral urged members of the Soccom team to take heed of the modern trend of evangelizing through the IT media and thus the role of the team is vital in fulfilling the great mission of the Church.

Airene Gumanas (Chairperson)

The newly appointed chairperson of the parish soccom team, Airene Gumanas was happy to share that the long awaited ministry has finally materialized and expressed her appreciation to the rector for the confidence in her to lead the team.

"I sincerely hope and pray that each member of the team will exercise their duty accordingly in ensuring the effectiveness of the ministry and for that, I look forward to a strong team commitment", she added.

Andrea (secretary) & Michelle (asst secretary)

Franco Amigo (Treasurer)

Dallius Lobinjang

Seminarian David A. Garaman, who is on pastoral immersion at the Cathedral was also present at the meeting.

The full line-up of the committee is as follows;
  • Airene Gumanas - Chairperson
  • Monica Lo - V Chairperson
  • Andrea Joy - Secretary
  • Michelle Cornelius- Asst Secretary
  • Treasurer - Franco Amigo
  • Dallius Lobinjang - Archive/Resource Centre
  • Monica Lo - News coverage (Chinese)
  • Franco Amigo - News coverage (BM)
  • Suzanna Cardova - News coverage (English)
  • Alex Tai/Bell/Sandra - Photographer
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  1. Congratulation to all committee members of the St Mary's Cathedral Parish SOCCOM team.Looking eagerly to your contribution of news coverage of local events. May you have a fruitful ministry. God bless!



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