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Monday, December 11, 2017

Advent: Bringing the joy of Christmas to the underprivileged families

Article bS. Cordova

Sandakan: Instead of shopping each day in December, there’s a way to enjoy advent weeks while helping others. At that point, there are numerous charities in every parish with their own initiative to give a helping hand for those who are in need of love and joy in preparation for the coming Christmas. Last year, the Star of Yahweh Covenant Community had done their charity work with the same underprivileged families and this year, on 10th December, once again they did the same act of kindness by inviting other church members to make their action advent by bringing the joy of Christmas to these families. It was a lovely, communal way for them to gather and donate to people in need.
“It also helps us to prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ by showing our charity to people in genuine need. Though this advent action is just a small act of kindness, it adds up a great difference for vulnerable people,” said SYCC elder Bro. Philip Mosinoh.
According to Bro. Michael Lai, it is in giving that the true meaning of Christmas becomes a reality. This advent is a time for JOY (Jesus - Others - You). It means Jesus first, others are second, and last is yourself!
As the members came bringing the goodies and some clothing donations to their homes,  the joy and happiness clearly shown in each one of the children’s faces. When they were asked why they are so happy, spontaneously and joyfully they said in Malay, “Sebab Hari Krismas” (Because it is Christmas).
Indeed, it made a huge difference to those receiving the gifts and clothes, but likewise also to those giving. Obviously, a mere spoonful of forethought on Jesus’ coming can turn this Advent into action. Hence, an absolutely “joyful hope” shared with others through a humble  preparation for the second coming of Christ
Distributing goodies to the children

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