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Thursday, September 17, 2015


By Julita Kantod

Tawau : The family is the basic building block of the community and the society as a whole. It is the cohesion of the families that make the community strong. Many of the problems in society we encounter are due to the instability of the basic units in society, the families.
The Family Life Ministry of the Holy Trinity Parish Tawau is committed to reach out in love and service to raise awareness on the importance of family relationships, a criteria necessary for a well-knit community. The ministry conducted a one-day seminar in St. Jude Semporna, located approximately 106 kilometres from Tawau on Saturday 12th September 2015. The seminar on family drew more than 50 participants, parents and working youth.
Ten members of the Parish Family Life Ministry including Sr. Liza J. Augustine fsic facilitated the seminar.
The purpose of this seminar is:
1. To provide knowledge and constant awareness of current family situation
2. To provide a channel to remind us on the Church's teaching on the Family
3. Establish a strong spiritual connection and relationship among Family members
Topics presented during the one day seminar:
1.         Church teaching on Family by Sr. Mary Liza Agustine –FSIC
2.         Family Relationship by Melvin Lajanti
3.         Oneness in Marriage by Sabinah Masitol
4.         Family Spirituality by Mario Domingo
5.         Husband and Wife Responsibilities by Edward and Theresa
6.         Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the family by Julita Kantod
A reconciliation session followed after the talk which indeed had touched and moved all participants. The session ended at 3.30 pm after a sharing from a couple on their journey as husband and wife.
Michael Chok, the Pastoral Committee Leader of St. Jude Semporna expressed his gratitude and thanks to the team for their effort, care and concern in reaching out to the families of St. Jude.
Family is the greatest gift from God. The commitment to sustain and to hold on to the dignity of family rest on the shoulders of all. Without God’s grace and blessings, the value of family will slowly diminish by globalization, selfishness, pride and indifference.

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