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Monday, October 13, 2014

Bishop Julius Delivers His Anniversary Speech At St Dominic's Church, Lahad Datu

After the Thanksgiving Mass for the 7th Diocesan Day, 6th October 2014 Bishop Julius delivered his anniversary speech, out of which he touched on the following;

Our partnership with the dioceses in Flores, Tanjung Selor in Kalimantan and the dioceses in Sabah is a concrete effort to reach out to the migrants and itinerants. The many activities carried out by the Human Development Commission across the four parishes is yet another step forward to raise awareness among the people, the principle of preferential option for the poor as contained in the Catholic Social Teaching.
The Diocesan Youth Apostolate has been very vibrant over the years to bring the Good News to their peers not just in the main parishes but to the distant outstations. Their approach is most commendable.
The recent concluded 8th Conference for Catholic Women of East Malaysia has not just drawn participants from Sabah and Sarawak. It has also attracted participants from the Diocese of Tanjung Selor. The near 300 participants of the inter-diocesan encounter is something that we are all proud of, as it enhances the spirit of solidarity and promoted the importance of their role in ensuring that the family unit remains strongly grounded in faith. 
We want our communities to grow and our people formed and matured as good Catholics following the ideal of the first Christian communities, in which the believers were of one heart and one soul. When people are built, all things necessary, be it physical or spiritual will fall in place. I am glad to announce that there are 162 BECs spread across the diocese.
There are more than two thousand children in Sunday school. More than a thousand were confirmed and received the first Holy Communion. Last Easter we received some 500 new members into our Church through the RCIA process. However, we fall short of catechists to instruct them. I take this opportunity to invite you to volunteer in this great mission field. We need you to pass on the faith. 
Proper basic infrastructure is important to support the activities of the church. In relation to this, St Dominic’s Parish will soon embark on a 3 million ringgit ‘Pastoral Centre And Worship Hall’ to replace the current worn out wooden building. The spirit of unity centred in Christ coupled with your commitment and involvement will soon lead you realize your dream.
The prelate appeal to parishioners, counting on their goodwill and kind generosity to contribute towards the Seminarian Fund to support the 15 seminarians, 3 in the English Year, 2 in the Initiation Year and 10 in St Peter’s College, Major Seminary, Kuching.  Together with our priests we will help keep our faith alive. 

St Martin of Telupid will host the 8th Diocesan celebration next year. Albert Andau, PPC Chairman of St Martin's Parish Telupid (3rd left) receiving the anniversary banner from Patrick Chong, PPC Chairman of St Dominic's Parish (1st left) witnessed by Bishop Julius. 
After the ceremony in the church, parishioners adjourned to the Open Space behind the church for a luncheon fellowship. In between lunch, the various communities of the parish and representatives from other parishes presented a few performances to entertain the audience.

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