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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HTC Tawau celebrates CNY Thanksgiving Mass

The celebrant, Msgr Nicholas Ong

Some 500 Chinese parishioners of Holy Trinity Church ushered in the Lunar New Year, which is the Year of the Dragon on Monday 23rd January 2012 with a Thanksgiving Mass at 9.00 am, presided over by Msgr Nicholas Ong, the rector, con celebrated by Fr. David A. Garaman, the assistant rector and Fr. Martin Wong.
In his homily, Msgr. Nicholas Ong called on the parishioners to sincerely give thanks to God Almighty for the many graces and gifts that He had poured into their lives especially the happiness, joy and their health. Reflecting on the readings and psalm, he again mentioned that man created in His image and likeness must seek the Lord's righteousness. He reminded the congregation to pray and ask God for His continuous blessing and protection.
L-R : Peter Wong and Francis Chong of the Chinese Pastoral Community
He continued to say that Chinese New Year, being an auspicious occasion is also a time of reconciliation and forgiveness among family members and  friends and at the same time  to reach out to the poor, marginalized and oppressed.
Bringing in baskets of mandarin oranges
In conclusion, he wished all parishioners a 'blessed, happy and prosperous Chinese New Year'.
After the celebration Msgr. Nicholas Ong and the two con celebrants gave away mandarin oranges  and 'ang pows', symbols of good luck and fortune to all parishioners. 
Lion Dance, symbol of auspiciousness, was performed out side the Church with light refreshment prepared by the organizing committee. The setting created a rejoicing family spirit with members mingling freely and exchanging greetings of a 'Blessed and Happy Lunar New Year'.

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