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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Reported by, DaliusLL
BELURAN : The mini Delegate Assembly (PDA) resumed this year at Our Lady of Fatima (OLOF) Beluran as the host which was held on the 28th January 2012. A total of 58 participants attended the mini PDA, representing members from the Majlis Paroki Umat Katolik (MPUK) and the various ministries, communities and groupings around Beluran.

The Chairman of MPUK, Albert Thomas Enti
PPC Chairman Patrick Seah
Matius Sodomon
The Chairman of MPUK, Albert Thomas Enti in his welcoming address thanked the Mini PDA Task Force Team from St. Mary's Cathedral, led by the PPC Chairman Patrick Seah along with Pilis Malim, the main coordinator and Matheus Sedomon, for their support, time and assistance in making the mini assembly possible in the sub-parish. He was pleased to see the overwhelming response from the parishioners, indicating their eagerness to contribute towards the  formulation of  the vision and mission statement of  the Sandakan Diocese.

The session started at 9.00am with the participants being divided into 8 groups of 7 - 8 people each and the brain storming session generated lots of ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism especially from the youth on the subject of the reality of the current scenario of their local church. The presentations of their collective ideas in the group which consisted the young and the seniors were indeed enriching and inspiring. The feedback collected from them will be evaluated and documented to be presented in the upcoming general parish assembly. The findings in every parish then become the basis of establishing the formulation of the Vision and Mission Statement for the Diocese of Sandakan.
 Main Facilitator, Pilis Malim
The mini assembly ended at 5.30pm with a closing prayer led by Catechist Hendrikus Bernadus and group photo taking.

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