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Saturday, November 5, 2016


By: Eva Siruno

Sandakan: This year 2016, the Family Life Ministry of Sandakan from the 3 languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese speaking group, worked hand-in-hand with Fr. Sunny Chung, in giving Catechesis to parents and godparents of would-be-baptised infants. The talk was held at the Parish Conference Hall from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm. This is the second year wherein the talks were given to nearly 60 participants at different months and dates: first was held in April and the second one in September. The former was given in Bahasa Malaysia and the latter was in English, with the hope that they may effectively share on the responsibility of parents and godparents towards the faith formation of our future Catholics.
The talk touched mostly on the meaning of Baptism as a Sacrament, the spiritual blessing and the sanctifying grace that encompasses this ritual and what responsibility it entails to a godparent to their godchild.
“By the holy baptism we become the children of God, not just literally but in REALITY because a baptised person now embodies, not only the Word, but also the Holy Spirit” said Fr Sunny Chung. “Therefore, it is indeed an eternal responsibility and not just a matter of fulfilling the Church’s requirement.”
The Family is the basic or foundation church .Therefore, parents have the responsibility to teach and share the faith to their children so that they grow up as faithful and good followers of Christ” said Eva Siruno, from the Family Life Ministry…”And so it is with the godparents”.
“Pray always for your godchild, and give support to the godchild and their parents such as during Confirmation, Holy Communion or celebrating their Baptism Anniversary” said Cesar Siruno, also from the Family Life Ministry.
“Jesus loves the little children. If the parents and godparents do not exercise responsibility so that the children can come fully to Christ, then they have robbed their rights to receive the love of Christ” concluded by Fr Sunny Chung.

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