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Friday, November 13, 2015

Faith And Media Workshop 'Beyond the Lens'

By Rogena Roger Sining
Petaling Jaya: Fondacio Malaysia in collaboration with SIGNIS Malaysia organized a 5-day Faith and Media Workshop 'Beyond the Lens' from 25th - 30th October 2015 at the Council of Churches Malaysia Centre. The lived-in workshop was facilitated by two experienced media educator; Larry Rich of SIGNIS USA and Michael Ramadan of Maryknoll USA.
The workshop targeted active youth leaders engaged in Church mission the opportunity to;
  • Deepen their faith and understanding of Catholic social teaching on Media
  • Grow in basic self-awareness, inter-personal skills and critical thinking; and
  • Gain communication skills to engage their faith to promote a culture of peace.
The 5-day program covered several essential topics, including Mass Media, Media and Faith, Presenting Media, Rough Cut Review and Media for Culture of Peace.

A total of 13 young participants from Malaysia and Brunei attended the workshop of which four represented the Diocese of Sandakan.
The entire workshop provided space for the participants to comprehend and understand media, what it entails and its impact on users. Beyond mere news, it is a tool to reach out to the multitude convincingly. Thus media is essential in our mission to reach out to others.
Participants were given sessions on the Catholic Social Teaching and how to raise awareness on CST themes using media. Participants were divided into four groups to go out on field trips to places assigned to them. Group members were requested to create a video based on their field trip. In their endeavour to come out with the video, members encountered various challenges.  They were advised to hold on to one another in faith, trust, patience and teamwork.
The one day duration for participants to complete the video was near impossible at the beginning. However with the trust gained and the spirit of teamwork built, the mission was eventually achieved. Each group presented their video with much confidence to the organizers and special guests. 
On the final day of 'Beyond the Lens Workshop,' participants were introduced to SIGNIS, Fondacio, and Maryknoll. Every member in each group acquired the skill and knowledge of creating impressive video for effective evangelization. They experienced much joy through friendship bond, teamwork and above all, trust in one other.

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