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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hanging out with the youths in St. Anthony, Bukit Garam

DS / st
Bukit Garam : A 'Youth Motivational Camp 2013' (Kem Motivasi Belia 2013) was held for the first time in St. Anthony, Bukit Garam some 70 km from Sandakan town on 20th December 2013 to 22nd December 2013. Some 20 youths attended the two-day and three-night camp themed, "Serve With God's Love." The objectives for the camp were 1) to strengthen the faith of the Catholic youths and 2) to build a relationship / friendship bond among the Parish Youth Apostolate team and the local team.
The beginning is the most important part of the work - Plato. 
This happened to be the first visit and it set the right path for the beginning of the journey. We started the camp with a "get to know" activity, followed by a dialogue session between the Parish Youth Apostolate team and the local youths. During the dialogue, they shared about wanting to be visited regularly and George Lawadin, one of the pastoral worker in the Diocese challenged them to first build up their own team. We ended the night with a taize prayer led by Sr. Lilian Unsoh fsic.
The facilitators :
Top left to right : Fr Philip and Sr Lilian Unsoh fsic Bottom left to right : Bell and Anna
The second day started with a morning prayer followed by 'treasure hunt'. The purpose of having the treasure hunt was to break the barrier among the youths and the facilitators to create a more conducive and friendly environment. It was also intended to make them realize that in life, we never stop searching of who we are, the talents that are given to us and etc. We continued the day with listening to sharings from Fr. Philip ~ "The roles and responsibilities of the youths in the church", Sr. Lilian  ~ "Who are the youths?" and George Lawadin ~ "Identity of a Catholic youth - Eucharist". From all three sharings, the youths understood more about the church, the youths themselves, and the meaning of the Eucharist. 
Seminarian Elmer
"I learned more about the meaning of Eucharist" - Kristina
"I hope there will be another camp like this for us" - Eddy
On the final day, 22nd December 2013 it started with the morning prayer led by seminarian Elmer. Some members of the local team shared about their vision, dream and expectation. It was a fruitful and wonderful experience for both the teams from St. Mary's Cathedral and the youths from St. Anthony, Bukit Garam.

"I Will Serve God with All My Heart, Might, Mind and Strength"

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