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Monday, January 13, 2014


Julita, SOCCOM Tawau
Tawau : Living life as a servant of God is a wonderful and sacred call to those who have responded to their spiritual discernment of the precious gift of life that God provides us. God created us out of his love that we too may know him and his purpose of giving us his blessed breath the moment we were formed.
Rev. Fr. David Aloysius Garaman, the assistant rector of Holy Trinity Parish, a young and energetic priest celebrated his 3rd Sacerdotal Anniversary of priesthood on 29th December 2013 together with some 300 parishioners of Holy Trinity Parish Tawau. The exact date of his ordination falls on 31st December.
Msgr. Nicholas Ong, the rector commended Fr. David Garaman for his enthusiasm in carrying out his pastoral concern. Visiting the outstations and being actively involved with the Diocesan Youth Apostolate and also heading the Liturgical Commission are among the main involvement since ordination to the priesthood three years ago.
Ordained as a priest at St. Dominic's Church, Lahad Datu  3 years ago, he shared,  'my journey as a priest is a sacred calling and full of spiritual challenges and sometimes I wonder if I have fulfilled the pastoral needs of my parishioners. But one thing for sure is that God will never abandon me especially in meeting the pastoral needs and spiritual demand. We should recognize our calling and affirm that God is indeed leading us into ministry. He continued, 'As a priest, I need your support and prayers.'
He added, 'I always felt blessed  with this call.' He then took the opportunity to share his hope and faith that someday there will be more young people coming forward  to respond to the invitation of the Lord to serve in His vineyard as priests. Priests or religious are considered the fruit of faith in any church that has grown in faith. The family has a great role in lending support to young people who may have the calling to the priestly or religious vocation. He ended his sharing with thanks and gratitude to all especially to Msgr. Nicholas Ong for his guidance and patience in assisting him to live his priestly vocation fruitfully.

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