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Monday, September 3, 2012


Julita SOCCOM Tawau

Tawau : 33 participants, mainly married couples, single parents and youth aged 20 and above attended a 2-day Marriage Enrichment and Family seminar conducted by the Family Life Ministry Team from the Holy Trinity Parish on 25th and 26th August 2012 at the Holy Family of Nazareth Church in Luasong about 120km from Tawau town.
The mini seminar held from Saturday, 25th August afternoon through the night and continued the next morning till late afternoon 26th August. Session began with ‘Ice breaking’ between the team members and the participants, followed by inputs given by the visiting team.
Topics touched on the wonders of marriage given by Julita, the importance of communication between husband and wife by Jocelyn and also sex in marriage by Mario. Some of the married couples thought that sex is a taboo and should not be discussed even between husband and wife.
Additional topics given included the Natural Method of Family Planning by Julita and the Church Teaching on the birth regulation briefly touched by Melvin meanwhile Edward and Theresa, team members shared their marriage experience with the participants.
This is the first ever mini seminar conducted in Luasong especially for married couples. Many of them admitted that the inputs given really strike their hearts and begin to realize the real purpose and goodness of the Christian marriage life.
At times married life can be a struggle; even to some extend experiencing a culture shock. Both husband and wife don’t seem to be in tune with each other or speaking the same language. Living in marriage will be an adjustment for both the man and wife. For it is said that a wedding will last a day but the marriage will last a life time.
Some may experience the hardness of hearts which makes marriage extremely challenging and even impossible, but with hope and faith, the grace of the Lord softens the hearts and works the necessary miracle. That’s what makes the marriage wonderful.
Most of the participants felt really being touched and gained much knowledge and at the end of the input sessions some even came up front to share their marriage experience. Having attended talk like this has given the couples an awareness of God’s plan of marriage and as an exposure to the reality of married life that many couples experienced through their married life; bitter and sweet.
The reconciliation session between the husband and the wife that night revealed among the couples that to understand and to accept one’s spouse as what they really are, can make great changes in their relationship as well as to the family members; for the better.
Service of the Word was celebrated at 9.00am the next morning conducted by EMC Theobold Laudi and John Duasing.
In a separate session, an open dialogue was held between the local youths and the team led by Jocelyn, Mario and John. They talked about their faith and on the issue of youths being easily influenced in converting to other faith especially when they are studying far from family and church, which is a grave concern of parents nowadays.
Session ended with sharing from some of the couples on what they have gained from the talks and about their own experiences on the wonders of marriage.
The team left for home after a fellowship lunch with all smiles on their faces as they knew deep down in their hearts that God has worked another miracle of healing here.

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