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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Malaysia Catholic Youth Ministers Committee (MCYMC) Meeting

article by ds / st
photos by jasper 

Front row (L-R) Fr Larry, Fr Ronnie, Wilfred, Fr Paul, Edmund, Lucy, Fr David, Anna
2nd row :Sharon, Sheerah, Sr Terry, Christine, Emilia, Liza, Sr Diana
3rd row : Gregory, Joseph and Deacon Adrian Ng
SANDAKAN : The Diocese of Sandakan hosted the Malaysian Catholic Youth Ministers Committee (MCYMC) meeting held on 3rd to 7th September at the Diocesan Retreat Center, Ulu Dusun, located some 45 km from Sandakan town.
MCYMC's meeting is an annual event comprising of youths who have dedicated full time service  in serving the youths either at Diocesan level.  18 representatives from all nine arch/dioceses came together to the meeting to share their experiences, the process and journey with the youths of their respective arch/dioceses throughout the whole year. It was an opportune occasion for all Youth Ministers to learn from one another, enriching one's perspective about issues confronting the young people.
Everyone arrived Sandakan safely on 3rd September and with the assistance rendered by the youths from the Diocese of Sandakan, all participants were chauffeured to Ulu Dusun for the gathering. The event  commenced with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr David A Garaman, the Spiritual Adviser to the Sandakan Diocesan Youth Aostolate (DYA), followed by the first session given by Rev Fr. Paul Ling from the Diocese of Sibu ~ 'Go and make disciples of all nation' (Mat 28:19).
Fr Paul Ling  ~ 'He wants us to love Him not by force or fear'
The energizer session ~ 'Its good to see you here again'
Deacon Adrian from the Diocese of Melaka-Johor
Lucy from the Archdiocese of Kuching 
On the second day, Tuesday 4th September 2012, Fr Paul Ling from the Diocese of Sibu presided over the morning mass. Representatives from the Diocese of Melaka-Johor animated the energizer session, followed by the second session given by Deacon Adrian Ng from the Diocese of Melaka-Johor pertaining to the message and mission of the Church 'Go forth' and 'You are the salt of the earth and the light to the world'. He also touched on 'New Evangelization'. In the afternoon, each diocese was given a slot to present their diocesan report - activities carried out during the year, strength and weaknesses and plan for the upcoming year.
Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur - Edmund, Christina, Sr. Diana and Gregory
On the third day, Wednesday 5th September 2012,  the team discussed on issues regarding Campus Ministry and the upcoming World Youth Day (WYD) 2013 to be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 23rd - 28th July next year. The theme for World Youth Day 2013 is taken from the Gospel according to Matthew 28 : 19 ~ 'Go make disciples of all nations.' 
In the evening, we attended a meet-the-parishioners session at St. Paul,'s Church, Ulu Dusun. We were given a warm welcome by the local parishioners, entertained to some traditional dances and songs and hosted dinner with local dishes.

On the fourth day, Thursday 6th September 2012 we left the Retreat Centre mid-morning and headed to St Mary's Hostel located within the Catholic Education Complex, some 5 km from Sandakan town. We had a great time with members of the Catholic Teenagers Buddy Club, mainly students from the Catholic schools of St Mary and St Cecilia. Also present were Fr Anthony Mikat, the assistant Parish Priest, Patrick Seah, PPC Chairman and his fellow councilors.
L-R : Sr. Appolonia fsic, Sr. Terry  fsic (KK), Christina (KL) and Sr. Diana (KL)
"I am very happy to note that everyone took a step forward; not waiting to be told - Representative from the MCYMC Co-ordinating Office ~ Gregory. 
Diocese of Keningau - Fr. Ronnie Luni and Wilfred James
Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu - Sr. Terry fsic and Sheerah Yangus
Diocese of Melaka-Johor - Joseph, Deacon Adrian and Emilia
Archdiocese of Kuching -  Fr. Larry Tan (not in picture), Lucy and Lisa
Diocese of Sandakan - Fr David (not in picture),Sharon and Anna
In the evening, we were hosted to a dinner organized by the St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Youth Apostolate (PYA).  More than 100 local youths were present, giving us a rousing welcome. It was a beautiful and a memorable gathering. Rt Rev Julius Dusin Gitom, the Bishop of the Diocese of Sandakan who is also the Bishop-in-Charge of Laity for the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei was present together with Fr Anthony Mikat, Patrick Seah and Council members.
Fr. Anthony Mikat welcoming the members of MCYMC
Seated L-R : Fr Larry, Deacon Adrian, Bishop Julius, Fr Ronnie, Fr Paul, Gregory
2nd row : Lucy, Anna, Wilfred, Sr Diana, Joseph, Sheerah, Liza, Sharon Edmund, Christine 
On the fifith day, Friday 7th September 2012, the last day of our gathering, we paid a courtesy call on Bishop Julus Dusin Gitom at the Diocesan Conference Room. We had a fruitful session with the Bishop, sharing views on the development of individual arch/dioceses. We were very much enlightened on the way forward in making our mission more effective.

The Closing Mass at St Mary's Chapel was presided over by Bishop Julius. The prelate said in his homily, 'Choose to RENEW and REFORM! Go back to your respective dioceses and believe that He will trust and guide you in your ministry'

As young ministers in the Vineyard of the Lord, we lack aplenty ~ weaknesses and fear. However, our 5-day gathering held us together, strengthened us mentally and spiritually. We pledge to endeavor to commit a little further each day, 'Seek first the Kingdom of God and the rest will be added unto you.'

We pray that by the Grace of God, we may carry out the mission entrusted to us,  reaching out  to the young people, drawing everyone closer to God in line with the theme of the next WYD's theme, 'Go and make disciples of all nations.

Let us pray for one another that the Lord will lead us in our mission on ground. Let us go forth and proclaim the Good News. Till we meet again in the next MCYMC meeting in the archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur. Take care and God bless.


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