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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Sandakan: 15th of August is an important day for all Catholics for this is the day they celebrate the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It commemorates the death of Mary and her bodily assumption into heaven. The feast began with the tri-lingual recitation of the Holy Rosary and the crowning of Mother Mary in the Parish Hall followed with the procession of the statue of Mary into the Cathedral. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Bishop Julius con celebrated by Fr Thomas Makajil and Fr Anthony Mikat.

Parish Day was celebrated on Saturday 18th August, with a potluck dinner. About 350 parishioners attended the celebration with their two parish priests, Fr Thomas Makajil and Fr Anthony Mikat with Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom as the guest of honour. 

The occasion started with a power point presentation by the Parish SOCCOM (Social Communication) on the history of St. Mary’s Church; set-up of the mission until its elevation to the status as a Cathedral.  It was an opportune occasion to let the parishioners understand the humble beginning of the Catholic Church in Sandakan.
The presentation projected the early struggles of the Mill Hill Missionary in their effort in establishing the mission in Sandakan in the early years of the 1880s. It was their faith and commitment, encountering difficulties and carrying their crosses that we now enjoy the fruits. It is also the aim of SOCCOM to raise awareness especially among the 148 youth who would attend the 3rd Sabah Youth Day Celebration in Tambunan the next day about their roots.
A cake cutting ceremony by Bishop Julius, Fr Thomas, Fr Anthony Mikat, religious sisters and Patrick Seah, PPC Chairman marked the celebration. It was then followed by a pot- luck dinner prepared by the many parish communities, groupings and ministries.

While enjoying the food, the parishioners were also entertained to choir performance by the participants of  the 3rd SYD. During the fellowship, Fr. Thomas also took the opportunity to go around mingling with the youth and gave words of advice and encouragement. The parish day celebration concluded at 9.00 pm with a Closing Prayer and a Sending Off blessing to the 148 participants of the  3rd SYD  to Tambunan.

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