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Friday, August 24, 2012


Julita, SOCCOM Tawau

Hari ini ku rasa gembira!!!
Tambunan : With the theme 'Rooted and build up in Christ, firm in the faith' ( Col 2 : 7) taken from World Youth Day 2011 theme, the 3rd Sabah Youth Day Celebration began Sunday, 19th August 2012. The event was hosted in the Parish of Holy Cross Toboh,Tambunan, some 70 km from the capital city of Kota Kinabalu. Holy Cross Toboh is one of the nine parishes in the Diocese of Keningau.
Programs and activities were divided into five different zones namely; St. Theresa, Holy Cross Toboh, Karanaan, Tombutuon and Sunsuron, all closely situated to Holy Cross Church.
The 102 participants from Holy Trinity Parish, Tawau led by Naomi Francis were assigned to St. Theresa zone. Registration was at 11.00 am followed by the “ foster parents” program at Kg. Tondulu, about 1km from St. Theresa's Church. 
The participants were welcomed by the parishioners of  Kg. Tondulu with open arms and much sincerity. The Parish Pastoral Council Chairman of St. Theresa, Mr. Nester was on hand to receive the participants. In his welcoming speech, he was proud to say that Kg. Tondulu has to date produced six priests, among them are Fr. Philip Muji, once served as assistant parish priest in Holy Trinity Tawau and Fr. David A. Garaman currently the assistant parish priest of Holy Trinity Tawau.
All smiles meeting one another
All the youths gathered at Kg. Tondulu Balai Raya  for a briefing by the Organizing Committee. Lunch was served before they were sent out to their respective foster families who had volunteered to accommodate their foster children for the five-day event held mostly in Kampung Tondulu.
Fr  David's uncle far right with his foster children
Hi! Mummy
 Catherine Jenny right and Joanna Jenny posing with their foster daughter
Two of the selected foster parents, Mdm Catherine Kilat a former teacher and Mdm. Joanna were filled with much joy and enthusiasm in meeting their foster children. Both admitted that they were ready and longed to see their children, months before when they first volunteered and signed up to participate in the program.
The village head with his seven foster children
The Organizing Committee hoped that the youths would adapt themselves in the new environment for the five-day stay-in program.  They were also expected to experience   the change of setting and learn to respect and appreciate one another.
After the briefing session and lunch,  participants  proceeded to meet their foster parents, chatted for awhile and thereafter returned to their new homes.

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