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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More testimonies from Neophytes of St Mary's Cathedral Sandakan

I am Harry Hiram Sholto Yong.  Since I joined the RCIA, I noticed that there’s a lot of improvement in my life. Even though I’m a baptized Christian since I was a child but I was not confirmed yet. I felt  so incomplete in my faith life.

Though there were only six of us in the RCIA process, the zeal of wanting to know Christ remained strong. As we progressed in the sessions I can now considered them as a family, as my brothers and sisters in Christ. I was welcomed warmly by the facilitators and the group when I first joined them.

I noticed that in the first few months after joining the RCIA, my life changed for the better. I felt closer to the Lord as I learned a lot from the teaching and the guidance from the facilitators. I understand better of what they were saying during the sessions compared to what I have learned as a kid in Sunday school class.

The experience that really touched my heart was when He lifted my burden. Since young, I was a very bad tempered person and never forgave others. It is always that “if you hurt me, I’ll hurt you back’ and it has been in that way ever since.

But after joining RCIA, Jesus has showed me the way. He has guided me to become a better and more of a forgiving person. This year itself I can say that I have NO MORE enemies or person that I hate or despise in my life. The Lord has opened my heart to be able to forgive my enemy which has been a burden to me since my school days. I can at last able to forgive a former high school classmate for his betrayal against me.  For the 10 years of hatred towards him, forgiving him is such a great relief. A big burden has been taken away from me.

For this I am really glad and happy that I joined the RCIA. It really taught me to become a better person. It has taught me to be more forgiving and more loving towards the rest of the community. I am always thankful to the Lord for giving me the chance to change my life and actions. May the RCIA process help and guide the future participants in the manner that has changed me in my life both socially and spiritually.


I am Matthew Wong. Before joining the RCIA, my life was aimless. I  have got nothing to concern about. Everything was provided for and so I took things for granted. I am also irresponsible. After my parents brought me to the RCIA process  I became more concern about others and the environment as well. I became more responsible and doing things with aim and respect. I got to know God more. One simple thing I learned is that our life will change for the better when we know God, understand Him more deeply and all the sufferings He had gone through during his last days on earth. We can find everything in Him. He is my Saviour.


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