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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lenten Seminar

Tawau : The Children liturgy of Holy Trinity Parish Tawau organized a Lenten Seminar at the outstation Church of St Thomas Bombalai,  some 18 kilometers from town, on Sunday, 27th March 2011.

Sr Marysia  fsic and Sr. Liza fsic talked to the parents, the key to understanding the deeper meaning of Lent which is baptism. Preparation for baptism and for renewing baptismal commitment lies at the heart of the season. Touching on the Holy Week, they explained in depth the 'Triduum', the great three days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday  leading to Easter. Easter, an octave (eight days) celebration ends on Pentecost.  The participants were briefed on the general practices to be observed during the Lent season anchored on the three pillars of Lenten observance - prayer, fasting and alms giving.
The Parish BM Liturgical Committee helped to facilitate a similar session for the children. The children were taught the following;

  •  meaning of Lent (when does Lent starts and ends)
  •  what do we do and not do during Lent 
  • giving something up during Lent
Some 200 parents and children, mostly of the Timorese community, as well as several BEC groups participated in the one-day seminar which was aimed at drawing the people closer to the Lord.

The co-ordinator Michael Harumal,  who initiated in organizing the seminar, hoped to see more of such activities arranged in future for outstations. He also hoped that Sunday School classes could be established  for the children. He presented a bookmark to each of the participant as a souvenir.

The seminar ended with a lunch for all the participants.

christin tan and julita

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