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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bible Sunday - Holy Trinity Church

Bible Enthronement

Tawau: Holy Trinity Church Tawau celebrated Bible Sunday on 12.07.2009 with a range of activities, beginning with the enthronement of the bible at the sunset mass.

(L) Bible Sharing (R) One of the BEC Group

After the Sunday masses, parishioners flocked to the parish hall. There, various programs were organized by the parish Bible Apostolate with the help of the bible sharing and BEC groups, and the youth, with the aim of instilling more bible knowledge to the parishioners.

Bible Exhibition

A small bible exhibition was put up displaying various bible texts, big and small, of different languages.

Stations of displays

Stations of displays and quizzes based on the parables, persons and events of the new testaments were put up to challenge the participants’ grasp of the bible.


Coloring Competition

For the younger children, a color competition was organized in which they were told the stories of pictures before coloring them. They were also given a video show entitled David and Goliard. A drama showing God’s 6 days of creation was put up for them by the youth.

Though an annual event, parishioners gave credit to the organizing group for coming up with programs that were different year by year, and most were surprised to find out how much (or how little) of bible knowledge they did know.

By Marcus chin

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