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Friday, September 19, 2014


Tawau : The Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) are acknowledged as a new way of "being church." It brings Christ to the family, community within the neighborhood. It is a church at the grass root. BECs are formed, based on the geographical location of the neighborhood. Families gather to listen and share the Word, proclaiming it and giving witness to it as members of a big family.
BECs remain the pastoral thrust of the Diocese of Sandakan since its inception in 2007. It is an effective way of evangelization and thus BECs is one of the most active movement in Holy Trinity Parish.  Msgr Nicholas Ong, the rector has been most instrumental about BECs and has been going round to promote the concept. To date, there are 56 BECs established in the Parish.
Danny and Julita facilitated sessions on 'The Christian Community' for all nominated members on Monday, 1st September followed by election on Sunday, 7th September. 
After going through the catechesis sessions and selection procedures, the newly selected members of the BEC Core Group for Holy Trinity Parish Tawau were commissioned on Saturday, 13th September 2014 during sunset Mass.
In order to sustain continuity and provide support to the new line up, members of the ad-hoc committee remained  as a "consultative body." They shall render assistance and guidance to the new line-up when necessary.
Members of the new line up;
BEC Coordinator
Andrew Kiat
Severinus Abel
Vice Chairman               
Gilbert Jack
Alesa Bontilau
Asst Secretary
Helena Ansel
Freddy John, Bernard Chin,

Matius Yohanes, Maria Felix,

Mararetha Felix, Dorce Kondo,

Lorensius Paulus, Yohanes Usen
Members of the "Consultative Body,"
Msgr. Nicholas Ong, the rector, Sr Liza Agustine fsic, Danny Carreon, Magrina Kiob, Julie Koh, Petrus Bernadus, Clara Alberto and Julita Kantod.
Members of the BEC Core Group are obliged to :
  • Provide continuous monitoring to each BEC area in term of their activities, involvement of their members in church programs, visit by the Core Group members, priests / religious or other groups such as the Family Life members and other spiritual needs to the particular BEC area
  • Organize faith formation to the main core group team as well as to all BEC facilitators or coordinators through talks, workshops, recollections or any spiritual input conducted by other church groups.
  • Identify potential areas to form BECs.
  • Involve BECs in church programs such as home carolling, organizing Mass, holding a BEC Day or participate in Parish Feast day celebration.
  • Cooperate with other groups in the church especially the rector and the Pastoral Council.
  • Sustain good communication and relationship bond within members of the BEC area and other groups/ ministries in the church.
  • most of all, to be bound to the church teaching and mission.
The first BEC Core Group meeting was held on Sunday, 14th September with Msgr Nicholas Ong, presiding over the meeting.

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