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Thursday, September 18, 2014


Tawau : Some 100 members of the LOM ( Legion of Mary ) of the 3 main language ( BM, Chinese and English ) gathered to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Legion of Mary – English Praesidium known as “Mother of Divine Grace” on Saturday, 6th of September 2014 at the Parish canteen.
The Golden Anniversary dinner fellowship took place in the evening after a half-day recollection conducted in the morning, facilitated by Patrick Benjamin, the Vice-President, Comittium of Kota Kinabalu. The Comittium is responsible in looking after the Bahasa Malaysia curia in Tawau.
The Legion of Mary at Holy Trinity Parish Tawau was first introduced by the late Rev. Fr. Lampe in 1956 where Rev. Fr. Beckhema was the rector. It then slowly took root and was well accepted by the parishioners.
1964 marked the formal formation of this group when most of the Convent girls became members. This group known as "Mother of Divine Grace" was led by two priests, Fr. Kouthers and Fr. Hurley. It was then divided into two praesidiums due to the increasing number of members. The second group formalized  in March 2001 was named "Mother of Perpetual Help Succour."
In the early days, legionaries contributed towards the cleaning of the the church compound and promoting the recitation of the Holy Rosary. Impressed by their commitment and the success achieved, the Tawau Chinese Curia,  called "Queen of family" was  eventually set up in 1995 during Fr. Aloysius Tung's ( the rector ) time. Michael Wong was appointed as the Curia President at that time .
A short history of the formation of LOM at Holy Trinity Parish; 

  • 1956 – first introduced by Fr. Lampe
  • 1964 – English praesidium called "Mother of the Divine Grace" later divided into two in 2001 called  "Mother of Perpetual Succour"
  • 1987 – Chinese Praesidium called "Queen Of Peace"
  • 1995 - Chinese Curia  formed, called "Queen Of Family"
  • 2014 - Bahasa Malaysia Curia called "Mother Mediatrix of all Graces"
At present, there are 118 legionaries at Holy Trinity Parish Tawau with 12 auxiliary  members in 9 Praesidiums, 3 from the English, 5 from the Chinese and 1 Bahasa Malaysia.
Currently, legionaries journey closely with other groups in serving the church such as at the RCIA, Sunday School, Canteen service, Novena devotion and other spiritual and social activities.
Present at the occasion were Msgr Nicholas Ong, the rector, Sr Lisa fsic and Sr Aquinas Voon fsic. Apart from some entertainment presentations, senior members were honored and were presented with mementos as a token of appreciation and recognition of their dedicated service.

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