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Monday, June 25, 2012


Soccom Tawau

Tawau : Fathers' Day was celebrated for the first time at Holy Trinity Church on Saturday 16th June 2012 right after Sunset Mass. Some 300 parishioners from the four main communities namely TUKAD, Chinese Community, Indonesian Community and the Filipino Community attended the event. The unity among the communities showed that Holy Trinity is a good sampling of the concept of communion of communities, flourishing together as One Big Family.

The Organising Committee led by Jerome Lim seated front row 2nd left. 

Msgr. Nicholas Ong, the rector presided over the Mass, 11th Sunday in Ordinary time. Towards the end of the homily, he took the opportunity to address all fathers, 'As a father one must be aware of the obligation and focus towards the family. Spending precious time with your spouse and children is always a meaningful moment to everyone in the family. Your presence in the family as the head is crucial for the growth and development of the growing children. We can’t deny the fact that as head of the family, one has to look for money but never allow this to be an obstacle for your presence in your family.'

He continued to say that sharing meals and spending time together in prayer is a good example to show your children regarding our faith. He then proceeded to give a profound blessing by sprinkling holy water unto all fathers. 
Msgr Ong and Sr Aquinas Voon fsic 
Father's Day Cake cutting ceremony 

Father and son in an acting scene 
Father of the night ~ Melvin with wife, Linda
A daughter cherishes her father ~ expressing her love and gratitude 
Father's Day ~ a celebration honoring fathers 
After the Mass everyone involved adjourned to the Parish Hall for a dinner fellowship and some entertainment and family games which ended at 10 in the evening with a Closing Prayer by Fr David A. Garaman, the assistant rector.
Rev. David leading the Closing Prayer 

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