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Friday, March 2, 2012


New line-up of TUKAD 2012 - 2013 
Tawau : More than 40 members of TUKAD ( TINIMUNGAN UMAT KADAZAN DUSUN ) Pastoral Community of Holy Trinity Parish gathered for a one-day Prayer and Discernment Session on Saturday 25th February 2012 at St. Stephen Church,Tass to prepare themselves spiritually in this season of Lent.
TUKAD, formed in 1998 is now 14 years of age. Apart from faith formation, the session also provided the opportunity to enhance the sense of belonging, not only as a community but more so as a Church. Members are committed to attend such session, started since 2004.
Edward Nuing the current TUKAD Chairman, proclaimed the Word of God taken from Luke 5:27-32 themed, 'I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance'. Also in attendance were Fr. David A. Garaman, the spiritual advisor for TUKAD, Sr. Rusiah fsic and Sr. Marysia fsic. 
Edward in his sharing admitted that there were many challenges in their faith journey living as a community since its inception. Through the grace of God, the community survived and had overcome trials and tribulations. The community has come up much stronger, more united and more committed.
Thadeus, a pioneer of TUKAD shared that members are involved in various church groups such as BECs, Neo-Catechumenal Way, Bible Sharing, CCR and other Church Social mission work. TUKAD is very much involved in Parish activities that include;
1. Celebrating Mass once in two months
2. Thanksgiving Mass for Harvest – yearly
3. TUKAD Family Day – yearly
4. Rosary group house to house ( rosary month ) through BECs.
5. Preparation for Christmas and Easter celebrations
Francis Kamuntah in his sharing 
Sr Rusiah fsic facilitated the session on group discussion, personnel reflection and group reporting on journeying together as a community.
Fr. David Garaman summed up the program based on the overall discussion and resolution made. He highlighted five important aspects that TUKAD should focus on that involves the adult and youth:
1. The Tradition and Culture : to maintain the traditional value and to pass it on to the next generation such as the “ kadazan language “ which projects the Kadazandusun identity.
2. Faith formation - need to organize continuous formation program so that members are better formed and transformed.
3. Youth and children - The youths are advised to draw up activities in line with the TUKAD program or to involve actively in Parish Youth activities. The youths are also encouraged to discern prayerfully on their vocation call as priests and religious
4. Family - continuous faith renewal so that families are built on strong foundation and placing Christ as the central point of their lives. 
5. Leader - Committee members of TUKAD need to be the model in leadership for the youths to learn and to experience so that they will grow up as good leaders and willingly serve in the church. 
The Prayer and Discernment session ended with a Thanksgiving Mass celebration presided by Fr. David Garaman. In his homily, he remind all members to be humble in their service just like Christ who came not be served but to serve.

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