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Monday, September 12, 2011


Group photo with Msgr. Nicholas Ong.
Tawau : The Pastoral Outreach/ Pastoral Care ministry  of Holy Trinity Parish organized  a fellowship lunch for the Senior Citizens on the 27.8.2011.

The program began with an opening prayer by our Parish Rector, Msgr. Nicholas Ong. Fr. David Garaman the Asst. Rector happily joined this event and this must be the first time for him to be together with the elderly of Holy Trinity Parish.
A vote of thanks from the Asst. Chairlady Pastoral Care, Margaret Chang.
Attended by 70 mostly elderly women parishioners from the Filipino, Chinese and Indonesian communities, a few with their husbands, this yearly event showed that the spirit of togetherness among senior members of the church is strong and meaningful. For many of them, God and the church are now the center of their lives.
Everyone is having a good time.
The gathering provided them an opportunity to meet friends, share jokes and their life experiences.
The Pastoral outreach member, Stephanie happily assist the aged.

The eldest among them Mdm. Theresa Chiam, 90 years old expressed her gratitude to the Lord for giving her long life. She said one of the wonderful moments in her life was being baptized  as a Catholic in the year of 2007.
Another lady Mdm. Anna Yong Nyuk Lan, 83 years old,  thanked God for having given her 6 grandchildren and good health beside the normal aging joint problem, especially her knees.
Meeting up with friends
Amelia and Nancy Orolfo the twin 78 years
and the sis. in law Adelide Domingo 81 years. 
Fr David blessing the rosaries.
Each participant was given a token in form of a rosary, goodies and cakes donated by a generous parishioner.

Holy Trinity

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