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Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Round of Youth Alpha Course ~ St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

Sandakan : The St Mary's Cathedral Parish Youth Alpha Course aimed at training leaders, concluded its first round on 20th August 2011. The training sessions for the round one Youth Alpha were held weekly, usually at the homes of members. At the mean time, the course had received positive feed backs from the young participants. They loved and enjoyed the course, gaining valuable Christianity inputs in a jovial and cordial environment.

Caroline Tai, coordinator of the Cathedral Parish Youth Alpha said that the objective for this round is to equip the facilitators and  uprising leaders with the right skill and knowledge, capable of facilitating future Youth Alpha courses in the Cathedral Parish as well as in other parishes.

She added that the organizing team will be formed upon completion of the first round. In the course of the sessions, some brought  friends along to join. There were some 20  participants including guests who attended the course. The number is kept small so that the approach in putting across the course content would be more effective with maximum participation from the members.                            

She went on to say, 'Once we have a pool of trained, competent and confident leaders ready, our next round of Youth Alpha course will be open to more Catholic youth as well as youth from other denominations.'
The schedule of the 1st round course is as mentioned below:-

Youth Alpha Course, St Mary’s Cathedral, Sandakan – 1st Round

30th Apr: Introductory - Is Christianity Boring, Untrue, or Irrelevant?

07th May: 1st week      - Who is Jesus?
14th May: 2nd week     - Why did Jesus die?
21st May: 3rd week      - How can I be sure of my faith?

22nd May: 4th week     - Why and How should I pray?

These were some of the questions brought up in small group discussion (Week 4):

 Do you agree that we should pray because Jesus prayed and told us to do the same?
 How do you feel about the idea that prayer helps us develop a relationship with God?
 Do you believe that prayer works?

 Do you find it hard to imagine God actually answering prayer?
 Have you ever seen answers to prayer, or coincidences that happened after you prayed?

04th June: 5th week    - Why and How should I read the Bible?
9th June: 6th week      - How does God guide us?
11th June: 7th week    - How can I resist evil?
18th-19th June: Holy Spirit Week End Away
- Who is the Holy Spirit?
- What does the Holy Spirit Do?
- How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?
- How can I make the most of the rest of my life?

25th June: 8th week     - How and Why should I tell others?
02nd July: 9th week     - Does God heal today?
09th July: 10th week   - What about the church?

20th Aug: Celebration Nite

Members in jovial mood during the Youth Alpha Nite


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