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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Promoting Friendship Through Futsal

Sandakan : It was a game waiting to happen. Finally, the "Knights" of the Altar got down to this game of futsal, Sunday 21st August 2011. It was not the first time that they played though but this is first "competition" albeit internal or closed competition. To make it interesting the boys were divided into three teams named Romans, Corinthians and Ephesians.
Roman Team : Standing (l-r) Frederick, Rafael, James, Tristan
Squatting (l-r) Elias and Stephen

Corinthian Team : Standing (l-r) Fradely, Tann, Dillon and Fabian
Sitting (l-r) Oliver and Freddy
Ephesian Team : Standing (l-r) Nilex, Andrew and Ian
Squatting (l-r) Macmillian, Didie and Danielson
While enjoying he game, the members had the opportunity to relate to one another, promoting the bond of friendship that unites them. It is through games that they will be taught on the importance of team work and the  interdependence of teammates. It is hope that they will cherish such values and better serve the Church in their ministry as altar servers. 

Terrence Ngui presenting prizes, food and drinks 

Both Tristan Tann and Daniel Fan were designated to organize this competition. Anyway, they got the place booked and we finally got it going. Except for one "import" player, all were our boys. Everyone had a good time and one boy, James Milan scored an own goal! At least one of the boys Didie Brayen said he had a wonderful time. For remembrance, we also gave out trophies and we also had some light snacks thrown in. Overall, it was a fantastic workout for everyone.

Terrence Ngui
Diocesan SOCCOM

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