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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sabah Youth Day Cross Arrives Holy Trinity Church Tawau

Tawau : The Holy Trinity Church's Youth Apostolate received the Youth Cross from  the Youth of St. Peter Claver Ranau on 22nd May 2011 before the morning Sunday BM mass.
As part of the celebration of the 3rd Sabah Youth Day, which was launched at St. Peter Claver on 15th May 2011, the Youth Cross arrived at Holy Trinity Church with around 50 delegates from Kota Kinabalu, Ranau and Sandakan the Saturday evening of 21st May 2011, welcomed by the Holy Trinity Youth Apostolate members and some parish leaders.

Arrival of the SYD Cross

Youth from Ranau ready to carry the SYD Cross
Parishioners waiting for the Cross at the main gate
Following the Cross into the Church
 Ready to hand over the Cross to the PYA of HTC
Handing the Cross over to PYA of HTC
Members of the PYA of HTC carrying the Cross into the Church
Placing the Cross onto the stand
Venerating the Cross
My Cross, Your Cross, Our Cross

It was handed over to the Youth Apostolate of Holy Trinity Church the next morning before the BM mass at the main gate entrance after a procession from the parish hall basement, and was then carried into the Church with the theme "Berakar dan Bertumbuh di dalam Kristus" (Rooted and Grow in Christ), and with the youth responding "may the Cross be the symbol of faith, shared by all youths along their journey to draw closer to the Lord."
In his homily in the Eucharist that followed, the spiritual advisor of the Sandakan Diocesan Youth Commission Fr. David Garaman said, " To understand the Cross, we must enter into a dialogue with Christ, experience his death and resurrection." The mass was concelebrated by the rector Msgr. Nicholas Ong.
Sharing by a representative of the PYA of HTC

Sharing by a representative from the youth of St Peter Claver, Ranau
A para liturgy session was held after the mass attended by about 300 youth and parishioners.
The meaning of the Cross by Fr David

In his input during the session, Fr. David said," The cross is not a symbol of shame or death but rather, a sign of love and salvation."
He further added, " Without faith, the cross is meaningless. By accepting the cross in our daily lives, it becomes a center of our faith , hope and strength that leads us closer to God. Experience Christ's presence in our burden, trials, sadness and happiness."
After the input everybody was  asked to reflect  on his/her own self the deeper  meaning of their lives, followed by adoration.
In their petitions during the intercession, it was hoped that:
   1. All the youth be enlightened by the Word of God
   2. This year's Sabah Youth Day be a blessed gathering for the young people to be in     communion and stay closer to God,
   3.  As the future pillar of the Church, may the youth be faithful in serving God in their endeavor to build a better world.

The session ended around 1.30 pm after a sharing from representatives from  St. Peter Claver and Holy Trinity with a Closing Prayer le Fr David.
During its time in Tawau, the Youth cross will also be brought to Semporna and the major outstations.
The Cross placed in front of the Altar
Veneration of the Cross
Soccom HTC

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