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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Indonesian Pastoral Community Family Day

The congregation 

The Indonesian Pastoral Community celebrated the 19th anniversary of its formation in Holy Trinity Parish Tawau on Sunday 1st May 2011 with a thanks giving mass presided by Msgr Nicholas Ong concelebrated by the assistant rector Fr. David Garaman.
Established in 1992, the pastoral community was first called Kumpulan Kebajikan Indonesia Nusantara Timur which later changed to be called Kumpulan Kebajikan Katolik Indonesia. In 2004 it was further renamed Komuniti Pastoral Indonesia to reflect on its role in extending pastoral care to members of the community.

In his homily Msgr. Nicholas reminded the congregation that God created us without any distinction of anyone race to another.

"We are all children of God," he said, "divided only by man made boundaries. In our relationship with God, the spirit of brotherhood among all the races should prevail."
Welcoming Msgr Ong with the Timorese traditional dance and the offering of sireh
After the Mass the congregation proceeded to the Hall for lunch and some entertainment, attended by some 800 parishioners including those from the outstations.

The 19th Anniversary Cake

With the theme Satu Keluarga, Satu Cinta Kasih dan Satu Gereja , the organizers strived to make the celebration reflect the whole meaning of living with the other parish communities as one single community.
Timorese traditional dance

The Coordinator for the celebration Naomi Francis was happy to point out that the participation of the youth was most encouraging and she hoped that this spirit of love and unity would grow further with time.

Fun time for family members 

In their messages, the Rector, PPC chairman and Indonesian Pastoral Community chairman also touched on the importance of all of us here at Holy Trinity parish to build up our communion with each other into one big family of God.

The event ended at 2.30 pm with closing prayer by Masgr. Nicholas Ong.

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