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Friday, September 23, 2016


By: Julita Kantod

The Liturgical committee of Holy Trinity Parish Tawau organized a half day seminar on “Faith Formation on the Liturgy“. It was held on the 12th September 2016 at the Parish Catechetical Hall from 8 am to 3 pm. Participants were mainly from the Lectors, Commentators, Warden, Psalmist and Choir, Altar Servers and also open to parishioners.
This formation was facilitated by Fr. David Aloysious Garaman from the Diocese of Sandakan together with the Liturgical committee of Holy Trinity Parish Tawau.

Some 206 participants from various groups and ministries also from the BEC group have taken this opportunity to learn more and deepen their understanding on any Liturgical celebration especially the Eucharistic celebration.  Some parishioners from the outstation also took part in this formation. 
Seminar begun with Eucharistic celebration at 7.00 am followed by breakfast and registration. 
First part of the seminar was a short input by Julita Kantod entitled “We are chosen and blessed“. In her presentation, she shared about the joy and the spirituality in serving the church. “Serving the church means we are not only to serve the Lord but we are indeed given the opportunity to be wise servants of Christ. Wise enough to develop ourselves to be a humble person, a generous heart, to be more merciful, concern and to be united with other members of the church. With this we are actually building a peaceful kingdom of God on earth by serving Christ through others. When God calls us we are given the opportunity to know, to love and to serve Him” she said.
Second session was facilitated by Rev. Fr. David Garaman on the deep meaning of the Celebration of the Eucharist as the Summit of the Catholic Church and the centre of the Catholic faith. In his sharing, he mentioned about the importance of participating and offering oneself to the presence of the Lord. Offering each heart and mind to honour and to respect the real presence of God which unites each heart and mind solemnly during the celebration. “It is a waste for us if we do not understand the full meaning of the Eucharist. We lost the graces by not participating purely and humbly during that moment. God is present; He offered His Body and Blood for us but if we take for granted all this sacred celebration then we will go out empty “Fr. David said. “Attending Mass is considered meeting the Lord personally. So, take every opportunity to grasp the love of God and live it up in our daily life” he said.
Later, a general instruction to what and how to respect the celebration was delivered clearly to all so that each parishioner is aware of this sacred and memorial celebration.
A practical session then took place in the Church according to the group each belongs.
Seminar ends with a question and answer, presentation of certificate of attendance and lunch at 2.30 in the afternoon.

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