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Friday, December 11, 2015

Carolers Are Heralds of the Good News

By Susanna Cordova
Sandakan- St. Mary’s Cathedral witnessed the commissioning of about 250 carolers from 15 groups during the Sunset mass on 6th December 2015
Earlier in the afternoon, the carolers attended a recollection in preparation of the upcoming home caroling. The recollection, facilitated by Fr Sunny Chung, was aimed to prepare carolers spiritually for the coming of Christ, the Saviour. It provided the carolers an understanding of the meaning of Advent. Christmas could only be meaningful when we prepare well during the season of Advent. Christmas caroling is an outreach program meant not just for the carolers but for all baptized members of the Church. He also highlighted on the theme of the recollection, “Fulfillment of the ancient longing and the Preparation for Jesus’ coming.” 
During the recollection, there was a question and answer session related to caroling which has richly enlightened the carolers.

Addressing the carolers, Rev. Fr. Thomas Makajil shared, “This is an opportunity for us to respond to the good news just like Jesus sent His apostles to bring the good news of God’s love to others. Let us together continue to pray for families and communities to receive carolers in bringing Jesus Christ to their homes especially to those who seldom come to church and open their hearts to receive Jesus in their lives.” 
After Mass, the parishioners adjourned to the Parish Hall for the Carols by Candle-light, as part of the preparation for the home caroling. The symbolic event began with a candle-lit procession into the pitch dark Parish Hall singing some well known carols in serenity and reverence. 

Romeo Cordova, the organizing chairman was very impressed with this year's carolers as the number of participants has increased. He thanked all the carolers for their cooperation especially the group leaders who had attended every meeting in preparation for this year's caroling. He hoped the carolers would bring forth the good news of Christ's birth to neighbours and friends through carols and hymns.
Fr. Thomas also expressed his appreciation to the carolers who come from different walks of life to  participate in this caroling program. Their involvement would help them stay close to the church. He said, "Music is a part of evangelization. Carols bring hope and joy to the families they visit." 

Later, there was a fellowship for the carolers prepared by the organizing committee. It was a fruitful event for every caroler before they start to herald the Good News around their neighborhood. .

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