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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Welcoming New School Board of Governors

Sandakan : The School Board of Governors (SBOG) shall be collectively responsible for the proper government / management of the school in accordance with the provisions of the Instrument of Government of Government Aided Schools. They shall uphold and maintain the ethos, special character and traditions of mission schools under their purview during their tenure as members of the SBOG. St Mary's Cathedral Parish has five mission schools, two secondary and 3 primary, located at the Catholic Mission Education Complex some 5 kilometres from town. 
L-R : Maureen Lai (Headmistress), Rose Solibun, Alice Wong and Raymond Wong
Alice Wong, the out-going Board Chairperson of St Cecilia Convent Secondary School as well as St Mary Convent Primary School handed over duties to the in-coming chairpersons of the said schools, this morning 12th November 2013.
L-R : Mr Soo (Principal), Alice Wong, Cecelia D'Souza and Raymond Wong
Rose Solibun, the former School Head of St Mary Convent Primary School will assume duty as the new Chairperson of the SBOG for the school while Cecelia D'Souza a former student will head the SBOG for St Cecilia Convent Secondary School for a three-year term, 2013 - 2016. The handing over ceremonies for both SBOGs were witnessed by Maureen Lai, headmistress of St Mary Convent Primary School, Soo Tian Hock, Principal of St Cecilia Convent Secondary School and Raymond Wong, the out-going Board member.

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