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Monday, November 4, 2013


Julita, SOCCOM Tawau
Tawau : Holy Trinity Parish, Tawau is again blessed with another new Chapel which was officially opened and solemnly blessed on Sunday, 20th October, 2013 which happened to be Mission Sunday.
St. Joseph's Chapel of Indera Sabah is another new outstation chapel located about 28km from the main Parish. A few Kadazan Dusun families that formed the local community had been staying in the area since 1995. As per record, shared by Bro. Gelord Emol the EMC in charge of the zone said that  the estimated 6-acre land was developed  some 18 years ago ( plantation ) through the generosity of several local Kadazan Dusun residents.

He also shared that the efforts to obtain the land titles for the local community initiated by Mr Eric Tan yielded fruitful results. After many years and with the increasing number of local faithful along with foreign workers ( mostly Timorese ) there was an urgent need to have a  place of worship. With God's providence through the guidance and support of Mr Eric Tan, the intention to build a chapel was brought to the attention of the Parish Priest.
The rite of solemn blessing of St. Joseph's Chapel which can accommodate about 100 people was graced by Fr. David A. Garaman. The 100 parishioners who were present to witness the ceremony, apart from the local community, came from Holy Trinity Church, St. Paul Balung, St. Stephen Tass and St. James Ranggu. Among the invited guests were the religious sisters, the PPC chairman, EMCs and a few lay leaders.
Sunday Mass, presided over by Fr. David Garaman, followed immediately after the official opening and solemn blessing. In his homily, Fr. David invited all present to be united and make the new blessed Chapel as their home to pray together. Beside building family relationship bond,  members of the local community were urged to strive and make an effort to build their personal relationship with the Most High through gathering and prayer. 'As we celebrate Mission Sunday today, let us acknowledge that faith requires response, it should be shared with others, particularly with those who are in need and those yet  to know Christ. Be consistent and persevere in prayers and that through prayers we are strengthened by God in our faith' he said.
'May this house of prayer accommodates your necessity in deepening your faith by participating in the celebration of the Liturgy.' He then concluded his homily by saying, 'we should be thankful that our faith is based on Christ Jesus.' 
After Holy Mass, Fr David planted a red palm tree at the compound, symbolizing the planting of faith among the parishioners in the locality.
Fr David presenting a certificate of appreciation to the family of Mr Eric Tan
During the fellowship, the PPC Chairman, Mario Domingo in his address to the attendees said that, 'Faith is hope and trust. What we believe must be put into visible action so that God will be glorified in all circumstances. Through this hope we will continue to serve and spread the wonders of God's mercy and love.'
Fr. David in his address to the people,  stressed on the importance of defending the faith, and always be grateful for all the blessings given by God. He said, 'On behalf of Holy Trinity Parish, we would like to thank the individuals, families, company and all those who were involved in the process of building St. Joseph's Chapel. We thank God for His generosity shown through you, may God continue to bless you abundantly. It is the hope of every priest that all people of God  will strive to increase in faith and obedience to the word of God. We hope that this Chapel will serve as a home for all to assemble for prayers.'

The event ended at 5.00 in the evening with a fellowship dinner.

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