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Monday, January 28, 2013


The participants with Fr. David.
TAWAU: The Catechetical Team of Holy Trinity Parish Tawau held a half-day recollection for parishioners especially those involved in the field of catechesis. The event conducted on Saturday, 19th January 2013, was facilitated by the assistant rector of Holy Trinity Parish Tawau, Rev. Fr. David A. Garaman and Sr. Tauria Taurin, FSIC.
Mass presided by Fr. David Garaman.
The recollection commenced with a Mass at the Chapel at 8.00 am, attended by some 110 parishioners comprising  EMCs, catechists from the main parish and also the outstations, facilitators of the Children's Liturgy of the Word, the three main language Initiation Classes, Sunday Schools and also individual parishioners. They represented the four main zones of Holy Trinity Parish, Semporna  ( St. Jude, St. John Pegagau, Holy Family Ladang Segaria ), Bombalai ( St. Thomas, St. Joseph, Holy Family of Nazareth, St. Clement and St. Peter ) Ranggu Tass ( St. Stephen, St. James )  Balung ( St. Paul, St. John the Baptis and Jesus Mary and Joseph) and  some other nearby outstations .
Danny Carreon, Chairman of the Catechetical Team
 in his welcoming speech
The theme for the recollection "Rooted and Built Up in Christ, Firm in faith' from the Letter of St. Paul to the Colossian Chapter 2: 7 is a  respond to the Year of Faith in rediscovering, renewing and reconnecting to of our faith. 
Fr. David 
In his introduction Fr. David touched on the meaning of life given to human kind as a gift. 'Do you need to be like others, though you have your very own talent? Do we need to let ourselves changed for the benefits of other purposes or to accommodate ourselves with the earthly things?' 
Further, he explained that the purpose of our creation is no other than to know, to love and to serve our God, which we may share His glory in heaven, the eternal life. He reiterated that 'Faith is necessary at this era of globalization. The opportunity to explore all kind of updated news, movies, perceptions and many other influences is easily accessible through the media. This may influence us to believe that we don’t need God or worst still that there is no God.' It is pertinent that as faithful followers of Christ, we must be rooted in Him, built up in Him and firm in faith.
The participants.
Participants are urged to build up their faith each day through PRAYING. As Catholic we believe that prayers can strengthen and instill in us the perseverance in conquering the power of darkness. Prayers lead us to know the Words of God and through His Words we will grow to know, love and serve Him. It is in service that we may build up our relationship with Him.
During reflection.
Group sharing 
Offering their commitment through the intercession of our Lady.
The recollection ended with personal reflection and sharing, facilitated by Sr.Tauria FSIC where participants were invited to renew their commitment to serve the church, community and family. A recommitment in continuing with the mission of our Lord signals a more meaningful and fruitful Year of Faith, each contributing through his/her own ways and situations in accordance with the gifts received.
The program ended at 12.30 in the afternoon with a Closing Prayer by Fr. David.

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