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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Clean-Up Day For the Sibuga Catholic Cemetery

 By Dallius LL SOCCOM Sandakan

Sandakan: “You are not forgotten for you are part of us now and forever”, the thought that drove volunteers from St. Mary's Cathedral to the cleaning up and tending of graves in the Sibuga Catholic Cemetery on Sunday, 28th October 2012 at 1.00pm. About 40 caring parishioners from the parish and a few individuals responded to the invitation to  clean up the four-acre cemetery in preparation for All Souls’ Day, celebrated by Catholics on 2nd November each year.
In attendance was the Chairman of the Catholic Cemetery Committee, Raymond Wong to lend a hand in this noble undertaking. Before the clean up proper, Francis Tan also a member of the Cemetery Committee led in the Opening Prayer and then assigned them in groups of 3-5 persons to specific areas for the cleaning job. 
Some were cutting the grass, the ladies were clearing and cleaning the graves' pathway, some tending to the tombs, the youngsters were collecting and burning debris, some washing up the memorial service compound and the toilet, and another team did the trimming of hedges, pulling and cutting the hanging weeds. Although the task involved a great deal of physical labour, nevertheless everyone was in high spirit and joyful.
This is a service that is close to everyone's heart because the cemetery is a holy place, a sacred ground, blessed by the Church and dedicated as a place of prayer and dignity for our faithful departed. 

Hopefully there will be more volunteers willing to roll up their sleeves in the next clean-up service.

Photos by Frankie

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