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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Parishioners of HTC respond to an environmental campaign

Saving the earth
Sr Liza fsic doing her share to save the planet

Tawau : In commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of International Earth Day, the Environment Committee of Holy Trinity Church, together with The 'Scents of Borneo,' organized a training on mudballs making with the theme ‘To Earth with Love’ on Sunday, 26th September 2010.

It is high time to do our share in protecting the Earth and her wonderful creatures. It is time we give back our wonderful planet by taking good care of her. We need to respond by extending our hands by doing simple things like making mud balls that will stir a difference.

Briefing by Mr Clarence
The session began with a  briefing by Mr. Clarence from the 'Scent of Borneo' regarding the usefulness of mud balls. It is one of the environmental solutions towards reducing water pollution and improving water quality in our rivers, ponds and drains.
The right mixture for mud balls
EM- Mudballs stands for ‘Effective Micro-organism Mud Balls’ and are environmental friendly.
Putting our hands together for mother earth
These round shape mud balls are formed by specific formulas which have to be mixed with clay and wheat bread. After 5 days the balls will be covered with fungus and ready to be used for neutralizing purposes including the treatment of polluted river, fish ponds and drains as well as the cleaning of dirty beaches.
Together for Mother Earth
This awareness campaign is one way of creating an understanding among us the caring of our mother nature, keeping our environment fresh and unpolluted. 
The finish product
The Holy Trinity Church team managed to produce more than 10,000 balls in 3 hours. The activity had made the community learn how to appreciate nature and her gifts to mankind and support any environmental campaigns, such as this, that will help nurture and protect the only planet we live in.


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