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Monday, February 19, 2018


By Susanna Cordova

Sandakan: Every single adult is special and unique before God. They are fearfully and wonderfully made for awesome purposes. The Star of Yahweh Covenant Community had organized their first fellowship dinner for single adults on February 10th.

It is an outreach to invite the single adults especially to those who are from outside the parish. The objective of this fellowship is particularly to reach out to those who are working and not involve in any groups in this parish. Besides, this activity is relevant to the vision and mission of the diocese that is to become a “Christ-centered community, serving one another with love.” 
Bro. Philip Mosinoh gives his welcoming speech to the Single Adults
According to the elders, Philip Mosinoh, this spiritual activity has been encouraged by the Rector of St Mary’s Cathedral Parish, Rev. Fr. David Garaman. This activity could also be the platform for the single adults to serve the church as mentioned in Matthew 20:1-16, “we are the workers in the vineyard,” said Gregory Quadra the chairman of this fellowship. He also mentioned during his opening remarks, that their potential talents would enable them to contribute to the church and they can attend such gathering as a family whenever they are free.
Bro. Gregory Quadra
Indeed, the fellowship is organized on a free and easy environment to connect and share with others. It is a place to discover their uniqueness, destiny and rise up to fulfill the wonderful plan God has for them. Conversely, this activity is good for the singles, to build friendship and also be a blessing to others. No matter what story or background behind each adult, they are welcomed to participate
Michael Raj
Dr. Francis Paul
Bro. Philip and Dr. Francis
Dr. Francis Paul, the Director of the Sandakan Duchess of Kent Hospital, a participant of the program shared that the activity is to bring people together through fellowship among the Catholics in the parish. Michael Raj, a final year student in the Polytechnic and currently doing his practical at Sabah Port shared that he attends the fellowship to build up his faith and to continue to come to church.
With this kind of activity, the community is also able to help the single adults to grow in their relationship with God and with others, so they can make a difference by serving in the church as well as in the community. Besides, the program is to recognize the significance and needs of Catholic single adults in the Body of Christ.
Sign of peace and greeting to one another
Fellowship dinner with the Single Adults
Dr. Agnes as one of the single adults who come to this fellowship as well as the secretary of the Single Adults
Therefore, to those single adults who are based in Sandakan, you are invited to come to this monthly fellowship. For further information, you may contact Gregory Quadra (017-8974931) or Dr. Agnes Foo (012- 3615973).

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