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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

CNY 2018 with the RCIA

Article by Euthalia

What is the meaning of Chinese New Year for Catholics?
For the first time RCIA (English) 2017/2018 celebrated CNY at St. Jerome’s room in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sandakan with all their facilitators, the catechumens and their family members on 9th February 2018. The gathering started with an opening prayer from Mr. Raymond Wong.
Most of us were wondering, “What is the meaning of CNY for Catholics?”. We all live in a multi-racial community and we have many festivals. Being a Catholic does not mean that we only celebrate Catholic festivals, but we also follow our customs in celebrating other festivals such as Chinese New Year for the Chinese and Kaamatan for the Kadazans. One activity is to watch a lion dance in our church compound during the first day of CNY which is the custom of the Chinese community. Catholic as a religion does not forbid its members to respect other customs/culture rather it values the unity in our diversity.  This is what being shared by Mr. Raymond Wong. 
Potluck style being served while CNY songs being played.
Games and singing hymns were the activities. Solving riddles and passing mandarin oranges were some of the games being played. Amusingly, the penalties are to finish the mandarin orange and saying some good words to their love ones. 
The beautiful and memorable celebration ended with a closing prayer by Mr. Alban.
Closing prayer by Mr. Alban
Wishing everyone a wonderful Year of the Dog from RCIA (English) 2017/2018. 

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