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Saturday, March 18, 2017


By : Julita Kantod

Holy Trinity Parish Tawau – A short recollection organised by the PPC (Parish Council Committee) members was presided over by Rev. Fr. Philip A Muji. It began with a Eucharistic celebration at 7.30 in the morning on the 4th March 2017. 
PPC or the Parish Pastoral committee is one of the main service teams in the church. It acts as a consultative body thus, were expected to become a model in spiritual maturity. The committee together with a few members of the CCR music ministry led the praise and worship before the mass began.
This recollection hoped to refresh and sustain their knowledge, skills and courage that nourished by the grace of God they may be faithful and effective in their service.
Rev. Fr. Philip in his homily stressed on the importance of spiritual food to all ministers of the Church especially the PPC members, for them to gain wisdom and enlightenment to maintain the welfare of the church. He said, “As a member of the PPC, you are the focus of the people in the course of implementation of any spiritual development activities in the church. Without God’s grace and guidance, your faith will easily loosen and weaken. All of us require a firm and strong momentum to face challenges in our services as we are facing with human nature and thus you must give yourself the opportunity to receive the gift of wisdom through this recollection“.
He also said that, “Your concern to the current issues is also very important so that you can evaluate and do something to protect our faith from being corrupted by irresponsible ideologies. Pray for strength and inspiration from God so that you will be granted the knowledge and wisdom that accompany you in your service to the church“.
He ended his homily by expressing gratitude to all those present in that recollection.

There were 3 main topics presented, as well as group sharing on ministering their respective groups besides being a PPC member.
1. Leadership in serving was presented by Mario Domingo, Family Life Vice-Chairman who is also an ex- PPC chairman.
In his sharing, he said that being a leader in the church can never be compared to the outside leadership. Serving the church means we are the precious servants of Christ that bring the people of God into awareness of the real presence of God in our daily lives by humbling ourselves to offer our service to others. "Being a leader of the Church one must be a servant of all, a humble servant, dependent on the wisdom of God, firm in the faith and patient. It is not about power or authority but it is all about how others see Christ in us and in our action.
2. Serving with Love was presented by Sr. Julita Joseph -FSIC
Serving is an act that is free from feeling forced or coerced but it is a service of encouraging, caring, loving, comforting and usually a rewarding lives. It is very different, when we complete a work that usually ends with tiredness and dissatisfaction because we are forced to do something, not out of our willingness and honesty. A true and pure action comes from the heart and soul. It is always uplifting and full of peace and satisfaction. Serving the Lord is not a job to accomplish but the love of Christ may be reflected through us.
3. Sustaining the Spirit of Leadership in Serving was presented by seminarian Arthur John.
To understand and discern our call as a leader in the church is very important. Being positive and creative in leadership contribute to the sense of confidence, attentiveness, calmness and prudent in leading. Thus, it will always provide the spirit of serving in faithfulness. 
After the sharing of the three leaders, personal sharing was then open to all participants before the summary was given.
The participants were then encouraged to a deeper reflection as to what fruits they experienced personally and in others. Did Christ’s love become the foundation or model of their service towards others? The wisdom, strength and spirit of service are from God; true servants of Christ will continue to offer themselves humbly for the benefit of others without expecting anything in return.
Participants shared that all the topics presented had inspired them personally. “Without the wisdom and love from God, all action that has been executed is only an action without love that does not benefit God’s Kingdom. Serving the Church is equal to serving God “ Julita said.
The Recollection ended with “Washing of the Feet” as a symbol of humble service to one another as shown by our Lord Jesus, the Model of Servanthood.
The program ended at 2.30 in the afternoon with a prayer led by Mario followed by light refreshment.

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