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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bishop Julius meeting the Diocesan Seminarians

Seated L- R : Christopher Ireneus, Stanley William, Bishop Julius, Martin Stephen, Milter Mario
Standing L - R : Elvein Ferdinand, Fredo Johnny Francis, Daffrin Diwol, Warren Pierre, Walburge Lawrence
Sandakan : Nine seminarians, on the way to the priesthood from the Diocese of Sandakan, visited Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom, Monday December 13, 2010 at the latter's office. The seminarians are currently on year-end seminary vacation and left for home after the meet-the-Bishop session.

Those who are called to the priestly vocation will attend a one year formation at the Catholic Diocesan Centre Kota Kinabalu as 'aspirants'. This year, the Diocese is blessed with four aspirants; Milter Mario from Telupid, Elvein Ferdinand from Tawau, Fredo Johnny Francis from Sandakan and Walburge Lawrence from Beluran.

After being 'aspirants' for a year, they will proceed to the 'Initiation Year' (IY) program, another year of spiritual formation at St Peter's College (Initiation Year), Jalan Sang Kancil, Kota Kinabalu to prepare them for entry into St Peter's College, Major Seminary for East Malaysia, Kuching. Currently, two seminarians are in the IY year - they are Dafrinn Diwol from Sandakan and Warren Pierre from Telupid.

In St Peter's College Kuching, seminarians will undergo 2 years of philosophy study and 4 years of theology. Christopher Ireneus from Telupid is a 1st year philosopher while Stanley William from Lahad Datu is a 2nd year philosopher. Martin Steven, also from Lahad Datu is a 1st year theologian and was installed to the ministry of lector on November 22, 2010.
Deacon David Aloysius Garaman who had successfully completed his 4th and final yearof theology study, attached to St Mary's Cathedral Sandakan for his pastoral immersion, towards the end of last year was ordained Deacon on March 19, 2010. He will be ordained priest on December 31, 2010 at St Dominic's Church Lahad Datu by Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom.

Let us continue to pray that the young people in our Diocese may respond to God's call.


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