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Monday, July 5, 2010


Tawau :  The Christian Family Life Ministry of Holy Trinity Church organized a marriage renewal seminar on Sunday, 27th June 2010, conducted by Fr. Fundes Motiung of Stella Maris Church, Tanjung Aru, who is also the spiritual director of the Family Life Commission of  the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu.
 The seminar was given as part of the ongoing  formation for married couples of the parish.  John Wong from SHC helped out with the Chinese sessions.

Nearly 200 parishioners participated in the seminar.  The seminar was given with the aim that married couples would be able to have a deeper understanding of marriage as a sacrament and a plan of God. It also aimed to let participants  renew their marriage vows and to explore their weaknesses toward their spouses. This process enabled them to reconcile with one another. 
The session started with the enthronement of the Bible. Reconciliation was conducted by Fr. Fundes where couples were able to ask for forgiveness from each other and to submit to each other.  They were reminded that God called them to be the 'salt and light' to their spouses through the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, and to bring glory to God through their marriage.
This was followed by an Agape Night at a prominent hotel. In his address, Msgr. Nicholas Ong, rector of HTC, stressed that the family is the very basic unit of the church where total, unconditional “Agape” love is fundamental.
During the dinner, 2 couples were given awards for their long and committed involvement in church activities as married couples. Dinner ended at 10pm with a closing prayer by Msgr. Ong.


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  1. The pictures tell a thousand words. Such loving couples seen in the blog. Congratulations to the rector for the support given to the organizing committee.



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