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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BEC of Taman Indah Jaya prepares for the upcoming Parish Bazaar

Sandakan (24th July 2010) : Some forty members of the Taman Indah Jaya BEC, turned up at the residence of Andrew Ongip to prepare for the upcoming Cathedral Parish Bazaar scheduled to be held on 15th August 2010 in conjunction with the Parish Feast Day, the Feast of Assumption.

The members, comprising of senior folks, adult, youth and teenagers were geared up for the job of the day - sieving, packing, weighing and stacking of more than a ton of compost contributed by a fellow member, Ezekiel Kunti. Together and within a two hour period, they had successfully packed 250 bags of five kilogram  of compost to be sold at  RM10 each.

They will pack another 250 bags of compost on 7th August 2010. The compost, brought down from a nearby oil palm plantation is organic, fertile and suitable for all types of plants. It is highly recommended for garden plants and vegetables. The compost must be mixed with ordinary soil in the ratio of 4:6

Apart from the 500 bags of compost, they will be selling local traditional dishes, roast boar meat,  young coconuts, super grade papaya seedlings and rosary for cars. They are committed to achieve a projected sale of some RM10,000.

After the 'gotong royong', they adjourned to a fellowship, a feast of durians, rambutans and other local fruits. The activity is an excellent platform to enhance relationship, a very much needed component in community building.

Taman Indah Jaya, is one of the ten established BECs in the Cathedral Parish, six in Sandakan and four in St Paul, Ulu Dusun.

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