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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pastoral Visit to Kg Sukang, Paitan

By: Sr. Lilliana Gubod fsic
Sandakan : On the 5th June 2009, Sr Lilianna FSIC and members of the local Secular Francisan Order (SFO) made a two day pastoral visit to Kg Sukang. They conducted catechetism classes for about 60 children and teenagers and Sr Lilianna hoped that the young people in Kg Sukang will be ready for baptism by the end of the year.

Kg Sukang, Koiboton which is situated along the Sapi-Nanggoh-Pitas road in Paitan, a sub district of Beluran is about 3 hour drive from the town centre. The kampong lacks basic facilities such as water and electricity supply. The nearest school and health clinic situated in Kg Simpangan, along the Paitan river is about 40 minutes drive followed by boat ride of about 25 minutes.

The kampong folks are small time farmers and most of them work in nearby oil palm plantations. Illiteracy among the young people is high as most of them did not attend school. Drop out from school is also rampant. The main contributing factor is poverty due to lack of development.

Though the Paitan Mission has been established more than twenty years ago, real evangelization has yet to touch the heart of the people of Kg. Sukang. According to a statistic survey by Sr Lilianna Gubud FSIC from St Mary’s Convent, Sandakan, there are about 15 baptized Catholics. Prayer service is conducted in the house of a local parishioner. Through the grace of God, a generous local village elder has pledged to alienate a 30’ x 60’ piece of land for the building of a chapel. The Paitan Mission Committee is already in the process of planning and preparing to build the said chapel.

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