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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


By : Cristan Tan
Tawau: Some 86 parishioners of Holy Trinity Parish Tawau, aged 70 years old and and below endeavour a local pilgrimage trip to the Holy Door of St Mary’s Cathedral Sandakan on the 8th – 9th  October 2016. The participants consist of the four main communities of Holy Trinity Parish (Kadazan, Chinese, Indonesian and the Filipino)
The group used either a chartered vehicle or their own transport to Sandakan by road. They were blessed with a fine weather and safe journey. The accommodation reflected a group of one big family.
The next day, the group was welcomed joyfully by the Sandakan team at the front of the Grotto of Our Lady where most participants offered their personal petition to our Lady before entering the Holy Door.
Having a moment of prayer and personal reflection was an opportunity to come to the mercy seat of God. It is indeed a privilege to enter the most Holy Door  symbolizing  God’s unceasing mercy for all sinners. The Door is open to anyone who   seeks the peace and blessing every pilgrim desires.
The group then proceeded to the Marian Hill corridor to ascend through the challenging Hill with a Rosary prayer at each allocated station. It is indeed a beautiful experience and worth visiting by all. Along the walk, each one presented themselves and their personal intentions to the mercy and love of God through the Rosary prayer. A few members shared having experienced healing.

Cristine Tan, the coordinator of this trip, shared that “everyone had a very personal spiritual experience. However, one has to know that God is the One giving us the opportunity to come closer to Him in many ways. With that in mind, let us thank the Lord for His blessing upon this trip, for protecting us all the time and showered His mercy for us “she said.
A short journey and yet to experience the inner transformation is the most important. All the pilgrims brought hope, peace and joy in their heart and the love of God was once again strengthened. All praises and thanks to God.

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