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Monday, October 31, 2016


By: Julita Kantod

Holy Trinity Parish Tawau celebrated the 38th Sacerdotal anniversary of Rev. Fr. Msgr. Nicholas Ong on the 9th October 2016 at 6.30pm to 10 in the evening at the Parish canteen.  The actual date actually falls on the 3rd of October but due to some reasons it was held a few days later. Nonetheless, the celebration though simple yet became a very meaningful event to the celebrant and the parishioners who were gathered together.

In his short sharing, Msgr Nicholas  continued to ask for prayer upon his health and perseverance in serving God’s people. “I must thank you for your continuous prayer for me and to all priests for sure. Priests are also human beings and we need your support and prayers throughout our vocation “he said. I have been a priest for 38 years and I thanked God for His wisdom and granted  me the strength  that I may be able to share with you the Good News. God is my everything  that is why I dedicate  my energy and time through the Word of God and I will serve Him to my last moment“ he said.

Msgr. Nicholas Ong had been in Holy Trinity Parish Tawau since 2008 till today. Parishioners indeed, benefited from his wonderful homilies and his enthusiasm on a BEC visit to families and also in caring for the environment.

Rev. Fr. Philip Muji, the assistant Rector, expressed his amazement to Msgr. Nicholas Ong for his prudence and dedication in his calling as a priest.

The simple and memorable celebration was attended by the PPC, Youth, lay leaders, elders and other parishioners show their support and to appreciate the gift of priesthood in leading the people to God’s kingdom. 

The gathering flowed smoothly with a cake cutting ceremony followed by dinner and ended at 10 in the evening.

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