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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Streamlining the Roles of the Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council and Ministries

Report by Dalius Lobinjang
Photos by Helda and Helen 

Sandakan: A one-day workshop organized by St Mary's Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council on Saturday 31st January 2015 attracted some 30 participants, representing the various ministries and groupings. The workshop  focused on streamlining the role and responsibilities of the PPC and ministries.

Also in attendance were Fr Thomas Makajil, the rector of the Cathedral, Fr Philip Muji and Fr Sunny Chung, the Assistant Parish Priests as well as the Franciscan Sisters. 

Pilis Malim, the PPC Chairman in his address, hoped that the workshop would provide a platform to spell out a complimentary, collaborative and coordinated body that is effective in providing pastoral needs to members of the church. There are 54 ministries / groupings within the parish and it is timely to streamline their roles to avoid overlapping of roles and competition among the groupings.
Fr Thomas Makajil, the rector of St Mary's Cathedral commended the Organizing Committee for the effort in re-tuning the roles of the various ministries so that each would be complimentary to the other. As for the many groupings in the church, he explained by quoting the first letter of St Paul to the Corinthians (1 Cor 12:12) that though there are many parts but still form a single body in Christ. He explained that each is given a special gift by God but they should not be individualistic in their own ministry or grouping for there is a need for communion, collaboration and solidarity in the one body of Christ. In the Church, there is a diversity of ministry but always a oneness in mission.
The workshop was facilitated by Jefflus Sinajim, a consultant on management attached to a Government Department. He started by pointing out the complexity of the various ministries and groups with unclear roles and responsibilities which can result in duplication of effort, poor communication and may even create conflict. He presented a talk on guideline preparation on the roles and functions of the PPC and ministries, stimulating discussion on the clarity of the various ministries and groups in the parish. 

The brain storming sessions had clarified the roles and functions of the ministries which are under the PPC while the roles of other groupings were enhanced. The workshop has indeed achieved its mission in streamlining the roles of the many ministries and groups. 
Due to time constraint, all leaders of the various ministries and groups would organize their own discussion with their committees to spell out their ministry’s purpose / objective, state their responsibility, defining their roles and functions and their usual activities. The leaders will then have to present their documented findings to the next PPC workshop which will be conducted in the near future.   

In concluding the workshop at 3.30 pm, Pilis, the PPC chairman, hoped that the proposed plan derived through the workshop will eventually develop into a functional guideline for the various ministries. The process has encouraged greater involvement of parishioners in the mission of the parish. The event provided opportunities for helpful collaboration for the various ministries to go forth as a community, proclaiming the Good News.

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