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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Diocesan Youth Apostolate Recollection and Meeting 2014

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SANDAKAN : Members of the Diocesan Youth Apostolate (DYA) team convene once in every three months for their recollection and meeting. The 12th recollection and the 17th meeting, on 22nd and 23rd November 2014 was held at the Diocesan Youth Office, Sandakan. 

The gathering provided space for the youth leaders to boost their spirit in serving the Lord in His vineyard. Not only that, it is also an occasion where the team would have their time alone with God, a time to rest and relax away from their daily hectic life and also a time to strengthen the friendship bong among themselves. As Pope Francis has said, "Together with the culture of work, there must be a culture of leisure as gratification. To put it another way, people who work must take the time to relax, to be with their families, to enjoy themselves, read, listen to music and play a sport."
The theme for the recollection was taken from Matthew 5:8, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God". It is also the theme for the upcoming World Youth Day (WYD) in 2015. Sr. Lilian Unsoh fsic, the assistant spiritual adviser guided the team throughout the recollection. 

It was a fruitful recollection. We spent quiet moments in solitude with the Lord focusing our intimacy with Him alone. It helped us to unhook and unwind from our daily routine.  
We recalled our blessings showered upon us since our previous recollection. We were grateful that God has kept us safe thus far. He has accompanied us throughout our ministry. We shared on "pure in heart" ~ what it meant to each and everyone and how we could actually be "pure in heart" in the youth ministry. 

During the last part of the session, the team had the opportunity to climb up the 'Rosary Corridor' on Marian Mount. We paused at each station to recite the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. It was an awesome experience, praying the rosary admist the wonderful and quiet surroundings of Marian Mount.
DYA members with Fr Sunny Chung (seated 2nd from left)
After the sunset mass at St Mary's Cathedral. DYA members had a dinner fellowship with the new Spiritual Adviser, Fr Sunny Chung. It was a beautiful occasion to build up relationship bond among members and getting to know the new adviser more closely. 

The next day, 23rd November started with a morning prayer followed by meeting proper. The coordinator from each parish reported their activities throughout the year and tabled their plan for 2015. Activities at diocesan level were discussed at great length such as the Youth Leader's Camp 4, Temasya Belia, Consultation and Campus Student Gathering.

'Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium (Joy of the Gospel) called on Catholics to go out into he world, sharing their faith with enthusiasm and vitality by being living examples of joy, love and charity. Let us be courageous and brave to heed the call of the Holy Father.'

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