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Monday, December 19, 2011


by: DaliusLL
Sandakan : Sunday 18th December, the Parish Delegate Assembly (PDA) Task Force of St Mary's Cathedral organized the year end mini assembly for the on going process of formulating the Diocesan vision and mission statement. The one day mini-assembly was attended by 35 people representing the Catholic Women's Apostolate, Secular Franciscan Order, Catholic Nurses' Guild and the Catholic Teachers Guild. 
The day's event started with the enthronement of the Bible followed by the proclamation of the Word taken from the Gospel according to Luke 1 : 26-38, themed 'Mary, the Ark of God's Covenant.' Siony Fiel, the chief facilitator for the assembly, informed that the session would be the last for the year 2011 and will resume early next year. The mini assembly saw an all women participants which started from 8.30am at the parish hall. The session was made lively by the presence of Ferdee Mariano (CWA) as the emcee. 
The participants were divided into five groups of seven people each and the discussion generated lots of views based on their observation especially on the subject on the reality of the current scenario of the local church. When it came to the topic on the ideal or future image of the local church, the participants who came from the various groups with different backgrounds brought up creative ideas and suggestions based on their experiences and from overseas visits.
Each group's findings, ideas and proposals were presented to the floor on flip charts. The presentations were beneficial and enriching. The feedback collected will be evaluated, documented and shall form the basis / core business for the parish assembly in the formulation of the Vision and Mission Statement for the Diocese of Sandakan, scheduled sometime in June next year .
The PPC Chairman, Patrick Seah was on hand to assist in ensuring that the mini assembly achieved its purpose. The session ended with a song 'Give Thanks' followed by hi-tea at the Parish Canteen.

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