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Monday, December 19, 2011


The CCR Carolers' Group
Tawau : Twelve central and fifteen BEC carolers' groups commissioned Saturday, 10th December started the house to house caroling the following evening, 11th December in each assigned area for six consecutive nights .
 Muhibah BEC Carolers' Group
Chinese Carolers' Group
A recollection on the week before given by Mario Domingo as the Chairman of the Home Caroling 2011 was aimed to prepare all the Caroling Groups ( Central Group and BEC Groups) spiritually. The input sessions included the  meaning and message of Advent / Christmas and also the purpose of doing caroling from house to house.
Jessica leading the Filipino Carolers' Group
Most of the caroling groups have been involved in this blessed assignment for more than eight years, yet the happiness and joy never for once faded. With newcomers in each group especially in the BECs, their wonderful involvement is a response to the call to holiness and service, sharing the Good News with others.
Hotspring BEC Carolers' Group
Proclaiming the Good News is part of our witness that Jesus is our Lord, King and Savior. Bringing this joyous news to all lapsed, aged, sick, lonely and the distressed  parishioners and families gives hope , peace and encouragement for them to continue their spiritual live in the Light of Christ.                          


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