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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

IFFAsia's Mission Project in Sandakan - more sharings

Sandakan : The 12-day IFFAsia's mission project in Sandakan came to an end, Saturday 12th Feb 2011. They are now back in IFFAsia, Quezon City, Manila and right now, undergoing a 4-day retreat. They are now preparing for their graduation, scheduled on March 6, 2011.We wish them well in their missionary work as they return home to their respective countries. May the Lord shower upon them His abundant blessings as they set forth in doing His mission. Below are more sharings from the young leaders from across Asia who were here during their pastoral exposure from 1st - 12th February 2011.

Anna Teresa Peter Amandus, student from Sandakan, Sabah.

'I am glad that the venue for our  mission project is held here in Sabah for it provides me a deeper insight to the realities of the local Church. Our encounter with the local youth gave me high hope that the young people here are a willing lot for renewal - renewal for commitment of service. I hope to journey with them towards building the Kingdom of God as one body in Christ. Dare to dream - a challenge for all IFFAsia's students - my dream is to plant that 'seed' that I had received from IFFAsia, ensuring it will germinate, grow and mature, bearing fruits to the plenty.'

Rose EiPhyu Aung, student from Monywa, Myanmar
'It is a fruitful mission giving me ample opportunities to witness how the people of God in Sandakan respond to His call. The hospitality and generosity of the community and the love and warmth of my foster family had taught me one thing - the importance of sharing God's gift with others. I hope, as I return home to my little parish in Monywa to share with the young people what I had picked up from IFFAsia - building up His Kingdom as authentic witness and for that to happen, I must journey with them.' 

Monica Lisa ak Gordon, student from Kuching, Sarawak
The mission project experience in Sandakan helped me to grow as a person and strengthened me spiritually as I face the reality of the Church in Sarawak. It had also enlightened me the importance of building relationship which is an asset to get things moving and done. We should not focus on the differences but to look at the common issues in the Church. I hope I may be able to relate with the young people  and help them see God in their struggles and sufferings.'
Mary An Le, an intern from Vietnam
'It has been a new learning experience for us as young missionary leaders. It has widened our knowledge and enhanced our social and pastoral skills. The local young people have strong conviction to serve and a desire to learn from one another.

My foster family, had not just prepare the place for us to stay but had opened their hearts for us and journeyed with us all through our mission project.
I hope my Country will have more and more great diocese like Sandakan, even with so many challenges, you have the desire to move on with strong zeal for mission.'
Mary Sanpi Dim, student from Myanmar
The spirit of serving among the people inspired me the most. The community is really wonderful - full of commitment and high spirit to share.The response to the migrant is a sign of love and respect, sharing the sufferings of others. The 'Community Learning Centre' set up for children of migrant workers is clear sign that the diocese is helping the migrants to become more hopeful and optimistic regarding their own experience far away from home. I hope to bring home with me the value of doing good just as in 1 Timothy 6 : 18 'They are to do good, be rich in good work, be generous and ready to share.'
Christina Aye Aye Aung, student from Mandalay, Myanmar

'Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself. We can't really change others, we can only change ourselves. My dream is to change for the better - a better me - then only can I help change others by sharing a better me as a good disciple of Christ proclaiming the Kingdom of God to everyone. I hope to bring this change in my community in Mandalay, Myanmar so that more people will encounter Christ, the Savior.'
Aleona, student from Payatas, Philippines
'The encounter with migrants has made me understand better and see clearer the respond of the Church in contemplating the image of Christ who said, 'I was a stranger and you made me welcome' (Mt. 25 : 35).
It has been a healing process in relating with middle class people and its been an everyday blessing of love and warmth during my 12-day stay with my foster family. Its a life giving experience which  never cross my mind as I come from Payatas, the dump site of metro Manila.'

Akalard Vilay (Hiew), student from Laos
'We can not do mission work without God. God is the center of our life. We need to walk in the light and be light unto others. In mission work, much planning is required to see to its fruition. I have learned here that in all situations we need to follow processes through pastoral approach - observe, reflect or discern and then only do we respond. I have benefited much during my 12 day exposure here in this part of the world.'

Judith Si, an intern from Myanmar

'It has been a very good experience for I have learned much from all the sessions which was beautifully arranged and organized. I also learned that in all activities, we need to value and respect time as practiced here in the diocese.'
Gui Tiannan, student from China
'Sandakan is a new-born Diocese but it grows fast. I appreciate the proper planning, be it pastoral, administration or physical development. Vitality of youth group does not just happen. I hope to bring home with me the strategic planning skills so that activities especially for the youth could be more effective.'


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